Your first encounter will be a phone call with one of our Physicians. This call is designed to discern whether IV Ketamine Infusions are appropriate for you and to create a collaborative treatment plan, if so. You can also opt for an in-person consultation at our clinic in Brentwood. During the consultation, we will review your past medical history and current conditions that you would like to address. We will discuss your treatment options, treatment plan, expectations and goals. We will review the risks and benefits of ketamine infusions and answer all your questions.

Infusions are administered at our Brentwood medical clinic. They typically last less than one hour, though can be 2-4 hours for certain conditions. Some conditions respond best when infusions are received frequently (approx 3 times/wk) for two weeks, while others are better done once a week and may continue for up to 7-10 weeks. Specific infusion protocols will be discussed during your initial call. The duration of symptom relief can vary. Most patients will feel well for several weeks, and some can respond for up to a few months. Certain patients may benefit from a single or occasional periodic ‘booster’ infusion to maintain the effects of the infusion.

On Infusion Day

For safety reasons, you will need someone to accompany you to your infusion appointment and drive you home as the ketamine may leave you a little tired. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing so we are able to easily place the cardiac monitor leads under your shirt and monitor your vital signs. Bring a light blanket of your choice. You may bring headphones and listen to music of your choice.

Ketamine is generally very well tolerated with few side effects. Most people describe the infusion experience as pleasant. Despite this, a small percentage of patients may experience mild nausea during the infusion. To prevent this, we will pretreat you with nausea medication prior to initiating the Ketamine infusion. You do not need to be fasting, but we ask that you don’t eat 2-4 hours prior to your infusion.

Happy couple who benefited from Ketamine Infusions at Physicians Urgent Care in Brentwood, TN

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